Conditional Tokens

Gnosis developed the conditional tokens framework, which powers decentralized prediction markets like the Omen platform.

Conditional tokens are a new event-based digital asset class.

The conditional tokens framework mints event-based digital assets, enabling a digital asset’s value to be directly correlated to the outcome of an event. To learn more about use cases, read our blog post Omen and the Next Generation of Prediction Markets.

A New Standard

High-Res Information Discovery

The conditional tokens framework sets a new standard for event-based digital assets with a wide variety of use cases, from prediction markets to conditional bounty payments.

The conditional tokens framework enables deeper combinatorial prediction markets, making information discovery for correlated events easy to access.

Conditional Logic

Oracle Agnostic

Through enabling conditional logic (“if this, then that”) for digital assets, the conditional tokens framework can mint digital assets with value contingent on arbitrarily complex logic.

The conditional tokens framework is oracle agonistic, meaning users can choose what information sources to rely on for reporting the outcome of an event.

Conditional Tokens Explorer

The Conditional Tokens Explorer (CTE) puts the ability to mint and redeem conditional tokens with customizable logic directly in the hands of users, without needing to go through prediction market platforms like Omen.

Built on Conditional Tokens